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How Email Signatures Encourage Website Traffic

Posted on March 1, 2012 at 10:50 AM

It’s become apparent of late how a simple action can send valuable traffic to one’s website. It’s simple, it’s quick; it’s signing off your email with your own domain name and/or link.

Using your signature at the end of your emails seems to drive oodles of curious recipients to your site - the lure of a clickable link demanding their attention just seems too interesting to ignore and is likely to yield wonderful results. Just think how many virals you forward for instance - how many times your site address will appear not only to your contacts but to their contacts too, and theirs and so on.

With trackers working on my own site I can see exactly where my visitors have come from and how they got there, and since adding my signature it’s obvious where the surge of traffic has come from.

It has also provided me with useful feedback from these clickers, and while disappointing to learn that friends who promised to take a look previously, actually did no such thing, choosing to forget all about the verbal promise but heading straight there once it is in front of them. Yey!

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