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Bad Publicity Is Good Publicity

Posted on December 19, 2011 at 1:10 PM

Being dissed by a competing business can be an upsetting thing especially when it’s in the public glare & available for all to see. With the rise of the blog & social media platforms anyone can publish anything in just one click, demeaning your hard earned reputation in a flash.

Or can it..?

I have often wondered at the oxymoronic phrase ‘bad publicity is good publicity’ so many times but I started to understand the world in a different light especially where business is concerned. It’s dog-eat-dog out there but derogatory remarks about your business can be turned around effectively, using this publicity to your advantage.

Your sparring partner has just catapulted your brand into the headlines for free, making themselves look petty & unprofessional to potential clients – oh dear. Bullying tactics are never attractive & could offer us reason to assume their own company & reputation is not as productive as they make out. Idle hands can produce the most imaginative gossip after all. Is a CEO who has time to make slanderous remarks about others really as busy as he would make out? Are they simply bolstering their own ego, boosting their own self-assuring image? A good line in sabotage suggests this commercial predator thinks you have something good. Be flattered. Be very flattered.

Don’t retaliate just yet. Sit back, chew the fat & reflect. Let’s tickle this slayer’s balls for a while yet. Situations often appear far better in the morning & put you in a superior position giving you the opportunity to deliver a constructive argument once you have secured the facts. Unsubstantiated jibes at this point would just be foolish – this is not a playground children!

Debate is healthy; thrashing the issue out whilst remaining dignified denotes an inquisitive, mature mind that strives for perfection – wouldn’t you want this company to work for you?

Traits like this may be what your opponent looks for in his own crew – he may just pay good for the pragmatic you to project his company!

Remember to say thank you for placing you in the spotlight – Google would have charged £££s for this kind of advertising! I could never have done it without you!

This blog was actually constructed after a competitor criticised my own skills (or he wrongly thought he had) but the fact that you are reading this now shows exactly how you can steer the negatives to your own business’s brilliant advantage...& landing page.

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