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Unleashing The Author Within

Posted on February 22, 2012 at 10:15 AM

So you want to be a writer but think you don’t have what it takes? Think again.

Every single one of us has the potential nowadays to publish our own story, whether that be fiction or real life itself. Simply being alive gives us many of the elements needed to fulfil the literacy passion that lies beneath; you’ve been unfortunate to lose a loved one right? You’ve suffered a life changing illness yes? You’ve overcome adversity? You’re a parent, a boss, supporter of a charity. All the requirements you need to get yourself heard.

With the rise of the Internet, it’s so easy to become an author. In one click we can post a blog*, offer our expertise, join a forum and review. With today’s technology such as Amazon’s Kindle, any one of us can write a book! And get paid for it! And that means you! All you need to do is type ‘get paid to write’ into any search engine to get yourself started.

The other side of profiteering is the idea that support can be offered to others who may desperately need help from ‘someone who’s been there’, where writing becomes useful, justified and even therapeutic, allowing you yourself to find solace in your own woes; slaying the fears that may once have held you back or stopped you living.

A big demand for good old fashioned writing awaits us. Possessing an aptitude for good grammar is very refreshing in the day where text and street talk seems to have sadly taken over.

Hobby writers have been known to become mega successful literati, so who’s to say that beekeeping hobby of yours can’t fund your next mediterranean adventure? (Don’t forget to take a notepad for jotting down those ideas for the next instalment of factual publishing – they can disappear as quickly as they arrived!).

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