Professional Proofreading Services

Rates And Services...


Generally, the charge is around £20 per hour for light proofing.

Smaller articles for eg: documents under 1000 words or less than one hour's work will still be charged £20, this is the minimum you will pay on any work undertaken.

A flat fee for an entire job for eg: website tidy up is available on request.

Last minute and small jobs are all welcome with weekend work accepted at no extra cost.

Adult literature, erotica and sensitive documents are also acceptable and the service adheres to a strict privacy and non-judgemental policy.

For onscreen proofing word (.doc) files are preferred.

Paper documents requiring return via post or courier shall be added to your invoice if not previously determined. Royal Mail Recorded Delivery will be used for peace of mind.

Invoices must be paid in full within fourteen days.

Payments can currently be made by cheque or Paypal.