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Top 10 Spelling Errors - Check Your Documents Now!


10.  Necessary - Make sure you're on top of the 'c' and 's' usage.

9.    Tomorrow - One 'm' and two 'r's!

8.    Weather/Whether - Cloudy skies/doubt and choice.

7.    Hers - Never needs an apostrophe. Forget about it!

6.    Effect/Affect - Tricky one! Check a dictionary and apply in context.

5.    Its/It's - Belonging to/contraction or short for (use apostrophe for missing letter).

4.    Their/They're/There - Belongs to/they are/place or postion.

3.    Your/You're - Belong to/You are.

2.    A lot - Never 'alot' and never will be! Two separate words! Very common.

1.    Speciality - Most people misspell this, leaving out the 'i' between 'l' and 't'.